The project consisted of the recording and concert of the launching of the album called ENTREVISTA, which is the first of the solo career of singer and composer from bahia, Ronei Jorge. One of the most respected names of contemporary pop music of Bahia, and representative of an independent solid movement that holds the state as an inventive and fruitful reference to the national scene, Ronei has more than twenty years of journey and he has reinvented himself for this new feature.


With 10 inedited and authorial tracks, “Entrevista” has an oscillating sonority within force and subtlety, subversion and enchantment, exploring diversified facets of the Brazilian popular music and creating a masterpiece. A special attention to the sounds of the musicians Aline Falcão (keyboards, piano and accordion) and Carla Suzart (bass), that shared protagonist roles with the Ronei’s vocals, recalling an atmosphere of bands from the 1970’s, in a harmonic co-experience between tradition and contemporaneity. Maurício Pedrão (drums) and Ian Cardoso (guitar) complete the band, baptized as Dziga Tupi, that constructs collectively the musical arrangements of the album along with the artist.


The album, that has been listed as one of the best albums according to BRAVO! Rolling Stone, was recorded in the Estúdio Casa das Máquinas in Salvador, and integrated special participants such as Moreno Veloso (vocals and percussion), Joana Queiroz (clarinet and clarion) and Luana Carvalho (caxixi). The launching concert occurred on the 13th of June 2018 at the Teatro SESC SENAC Pelourinho.


The production was done by Giro Planejamento Cultural, which has also raised funds and executed the financial management of the project, in partnership with Tropicasa Productions, company responsible for the agency of the artist’s solo career.