Giro Planejamento Cultural is a company based in Salvador, Bahia that creates, develops and produces cultural projects and events.

Our team is proficient in artist management, booking, project planning and development, fundraising, production, post-production and accounting for all types of cultural and social projects.

Giro promotes dialogue and collaboration among artists, community organizations, the government, the public and the private sector and strives to to maximize the long and short-term economic and social benefits created by these events.

Giro responds to the diverse needs of every artist and project with innovative ideas, and facilitates partnerships that highlight the individual strengths of each artist and maximizes the visibility of these projects in familiar and new markets, both local and overseas.

Giro brings international artists and performers to Brazil and also develops and distributes Brazilian projects overseas, partnering with international festivals, agents and cultural organizations.

Giro is movement and innovation.

Flávia Santana

Gabriela Rocha

Joana Giron

Juliana Vieira

Photos: Paula Luciano


  • Advice on Cultural Investments
  • Artist Management and booking
  • Development and submission of grant proposals to support cultural projects
  • Structuring proposals to meet guidelines of fiscal incentive programs
  • Executive production of cultural events and projects
  • Administrative and Financial Management of events
  • Preparation of interim and final narrative and financial reports for grants