The very first authorial Brazilian scenic work fully spoken in Yorùba, QUASEILHAS by Diego Pinheiro is an experience that is motivated by the integration of performative presences in the gaps of Afro-diasporic memories. The movement started with the familiar memories of artist Diego Pinheiro and his experience in the region of Alagados, of Itapagipe. Through the oríkì, the author trades the amnesia for the invention of memories of his maternal family: black descendants of Ijesa, the Nigerian city of Ilésà.


The masterpiece had its first season taking place at the city of Salvador in April 2018, and afterwards, it has participated in August of the same year of the IC-Encontro de Artes in September, also in the International Theatre Festival of Belo Horizonte (FIT – BH). In April 2019, it has promoted the second season (associated to actions of public formation) at the Mercado Iaô (Salvador – BA).


Besides, after attending QUASEILHAS, the well-known movie director and artist of the Afro-Britannic installations, Isaac Julien, has invited Diego Pinheiro to direct one of the performances of his upcoming film on the life of Italo-Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi; Julian has also invited the crew and cast of QUASEILHAS to participate in an artistic residence in the Atlantic Center for the Arts (Florida – USA), a center for contemporary artists in the domains of the visual, literary and performing arts.


QUASEILHAS was nominated to the PRÊMIO BRASKEM DE TEATRO 2018 in the categories of Direction and Special (Music Direction).