In 2014, Giro Planejamento Cultural began a partnership with Teatro Base (Basic Theater), a performance art research collaborative based in Salvador, whose investigative focus is on the principles of theater, dance and music that form the basis of the work of a performer.

In five years of study the group has produced a body of work that includes; a group of theatrical experiments; three artistic compositions (Arbítrio (Judgement), Oroboro and A Bunda de Simone (Simone’s Butt)); production of the mini-residency of Delirium Ambulatorium (Years I and II); several workshops; and the event/movement EMPUXO.

In 2011, Teatro Base’s production Arbítrio received three nominations for the Braskem Bahian Theater Award (Best Play, Best New Actor and Best New Group), and won the award for Best New Group. In 2015, A Bunda de Simone, won the Braskem Theater Award in the “Special” category, for Erick Saboya’s set design and installation and was nominated for Best Script Award.

Giro’s work with Teatro Base has included management of; the debut, tour and 2nd Season of A Bunda de Simone; 1st, 2nd and 3rd years of Delirium Ambulatorium, GEMA; A series of exchanges with the Lume Theater Group of São Paulo, the Yuyachkani Group of Peru, the Collective ATUADORA of São Paulo; and Teatro Base’s fourth production.