The Mostra Elas art exhibition presents films directed by women and it emerged with the intention to create another space of visibility, valorization, diffusion and discussion about the production of films made by women in Brazil.

The project had its first edition presented at Sala de Arte da UFBA, in Salvador, and it is sponsored by the Government of the State of Bahia, through Secult – BA.

The production is a partnership between Giro Planejamento Cultural together with the filmmaker Luciana Lemos (director of the short film Memória da Pedra, winner of Kikito’s best film at the 44th Gramado Film Festival) and the researcher Emanuella Rodrigues. They are united by interest in promoting a project with a focus exclusively on the productions of Brazilian women film directors, having 30 short and long films selected through various themes.

The project also counts on the presence of directors as well as a discussion panel about issues related to gender in the audiovisual environment. The panels will be composed of filmmakers, researchers, artists and activists who seek to value, disseminate and stimulate the increasingly strong participation of women in the audiovisual sector.