The project Iyas Idanas – Mulheres da Cozinha consists of a documentary-series composed by 5 (five) episodes, each having 26 minutes in length, under the direction of Safira Moreira. Supported by the Arte na TV Ano II, an initiative of the Gregório de Mattos Foundation, the project aims to give visibility to black women from all over Brazil that are connected to the art of preserving culture through ethno-gastronomy. Also named ethnic cuisine or culinary, they consist of practices and lead up by a determinate people or ethnic community.


Therefore, the series will approach the African ancestrality and the legacy of these peoples to the formation of an Afro-Brazilian culture in terms of culinary, having this approach never shown in Brazilian television before. The first season of the program is shot in the city of Salvador, with guests Angélica Moreira (Ajeum da Diáspora); Ana Célia (Zanzibar); Alaíde (Alaíde do Feijão); Dona Lili; among other Iyas Idanas.