Inspired by awarded book “Holocaustro Brasileiro” (Brazilian Holocaust), which was selected as the best documentary book of the year by the Paulista Association of Art Critics (2013) and the second documentary book at the Jabuti Awards (2014), the play “Barbacena – Fragmentos da Loucura” consists of the first adaptation of the work to the stages.


Published in 2013, the book tells the history of the major asylum in Brazil, located in the city of Barbacena, at the Serra da Mantiqueira in Minas Gerais. The Colony Hospital has revealed being bigger in many numbers: in size – almost 4 millions of square miles; in terms of activity – from 1903 until 1980; and in tragic facts, 60.000 people died there as interns. The diagnoses for hospitalization were done without medical criteria – patients having sadness as a symptom, for example, were found in the records. The public was diversified, but homogeneously marginalized: farmers’ daughters who had lost their virginity, homosexuals, political militants, single mothers, alcoholics, black people, poor people, beggars, undocumented people and all types of unwanted, as an extreme example of the eugenicist practices.


The project was idealized by Giro Planejamento Cultural, the proposition has a scheduled feature for the month of October 2019 and will be under the direction of artist Fabio Vidal, assistant director Yuri Tripodi and playwright by Diego Pinheiro.