Considered as one of the potential upcoming music group produced in Bahia in current days, the Afrocidade group proposes a mix of politicized lyrics, with popular rhythms such as the “arrocha” and the “pagoda”, alongside with the Afro music, Jamaican dub, reggae, ragga and afrobeat. Composed by twelve members, the group is taken by the force and musicality of the pagode from Bahia to sing the struggles of resistance for black people.

Through the partnership with Giro Planejamento Cultural, Afrocidade has been developing many different projects and concerts inside the country and abroad. Among them, the project of launching the first album of the band via the support of the Natura Musical 2019. Alê Siqueira is responsible for the album direction. Beside the recordings, the project foresees a tour for the launching of the album in the cities of Salvador and São Paulo.