The play was produced by an association between Giro Planejamento Cultural and Aldri Anunciação. The text and direction are by Aldri Anunciação and debuted in November 2016 at the Goethe-Institut / ICBA Theater.

The work deals with gaps in the continuous line of official memory. The show makes use of the empty spaces, which the official history does not record or reach. This fictional and dramatic writing deals with subterranean memories, metaphorized by the evasive underwater actions of the main character: The woman from the bottom of the sea. Through a tension between the official memory and the underground memory, the narrative takes us to the deepest oceans, trying to recover identities.

A woman lives fantastically on the bottom of the sea, confined to the abysmal solitude of the oceans. Through the collection of marginalized memories  that fall from the surface of the seas, a process of reinvention of identity begins.